Stephanie PROOT - Pianist

"Ein unendlich langer Atem und ein gutes Gespür für die subtilen Stimmungswechsel..."

General Anzeiger Bonn





6th of May 2018 (16h) - Sint-Nicolas Church, Ghent

Chamber Music Recital with Tatiana Samouil (Violin): Beethoven, Prokofiev, Ravel



22nd of April (11h) - Den Ijzerberg, Winksele

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: Program to be determined



8th of April 2018 (11h) - Stadhuis Hasselt

Duo Ensembl'Arenski (violin-piano) Full Recital: Stravinsky, Fauré



30th of March 2018 (20h30) - CC De Spil, Roeselare

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: Dvorak, Händel, Tschaikovski, Piazzolla



11th of March 2018 (16h) - Glabais

Duo Ensembl'Arenski (violin-piano) Full recital: Beethoven, Stravinsky, Ravel, Fauré



25th of February (15h-20h) - Hotel-Restaurant 'Ter Heide', Kaprijke

Concert with Svenja Van Driesschie (violin): Beethoven, Janacek, Franck, Ravel



18th of February 2018 (12h30) - Bornem

Concert with Svenja Van Driessche (violin) and Louisa Van Dessel (horn): Brahms; Ysaye, Ravel



27th of January 2018 (20h) - GC Sint-Gillis-Waas

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: program to be determined



27th of January 2018 - Klara in deSingel, Antwerpen

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: program to be determined






13th of December 2017 (19h) - Kasteel Den Brandt

Private concert with Duo Ensembl'Arenski (Cello-piano): program to be determined


2nd of December 2017 (20h) - PBA, Charleroi

Concert with Ensembl'Arenski: Tschaikovski



23 of November 2017 (20h) - Concertgebouw Brugge

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: Shostakovich, Piazzolla



19th of November 2017 (11h) - Hof Ter Rede - Vlissingen (The Netherlands)

Concert with Svenja Van Driessche (violon): Beethoven, Chausson



22nd of October 2017 (16h) - Arsonic, Rue de Nimy 138, Mons

Concert with Ensembl'Arenski: Tschaikovski



17th of October 2017 (14h) - AMUZ, Antwerpen

Recital with Justus Grimm (cello-piano): Beethoven, Tschaikovski, Dvorak, Cassado


15th of October 2017 (11h) - CC De Grote Post - Oostende

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: Shostakovich, Piazzolla



13th of October 2017 (20h) - Le Passage d'Agen, France

Ensembl'Areski Full Recital: Shostakovich, Tschaikovski



8th of October 2017 (11h) - Kasteel van Ursel, Bornem

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: Tschaikovski, Piazzolla



22nd of September 2017 (20h) - Chapelle Notre Dame du Marché, Jodoigne

Concert with Ensembl'Arenski: Tschaikovski



1th-3rd of September: CD-recording with Ensembl'Arenski, Flagey, Brussels



27th of August 2017 (20h15) - Chateaux d'Enghien

Concert with Ensembl'Arenski: Smetana



31st of July 2017 (19h) - Bad Ems Piano Academy Festival, Germany

Solo concert with musical friends: Prokofiev



25th of July 2017 (20h) - Beethoven-Haus, Bonn, Germany

Solo Full Recital: Beethoven, Tschaikovski, Prokofiev



21th of July 2017 (18h) - Chaudfontaine

Private Concert with Ensembl'Arenski: Smetana



19th of July 2017 (16h) - KANTL, Koningstraat 18, Gent

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: Shostakovich, Smetana (the website will be available soon)



16th of July 2017 (15h) - Ferme de Chirmont, Saint-Hubert

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: Smetana, Piazzolla



9th of July 2017 (11h) - Market Hall, Lagrasse, France

Ensembl'Arenski Full Recital: Shostakovich, Piazzolla



5th of July 2017 (20h) - Eglise Saint Loup, Namur

Concert with Duo-Ensembl'Arenski (cello, piano): Beethoven, Schubert, Paganini



1st of July 2017 (14h30) - Marni Theater, Brussels

Concert with Ensembl'Arenski: Smetana

































































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